Saguna to demonstrate a MEC-based driver monitoring PoC with Vodafone and AWS Greengrass at MWC18

Saguna has announced that in Mobile World Congress it will demonstrate a Multi-access Edge Computing – based driver monitoring Proof of Concept (PoC) jointly with Vodafone and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Greengrass.

Saguna specializes Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC), Vodafone is the telecom operator and AWS Greengrass is software that extends AWS cloud capabilities to local devices, making it possible for them to collect and analyze data closer to the source of information.

Driver monitoring solutions rely on an in-vehicle camera and the artificial intelligence that track movements and effectively identify when the driver becomes distracted. But the current solutions are expensive, hard to upgrade and may quickly become obsolete during the car’s lifespan.

Multi-access edge computing that brings cloud-computing capabilities into the mobile access network enables smart-camera applications, like driver monitoring solutions, to install a low-cost camera in the vehicle while offloading the computational resources to the edge of the mobile network.

With edge cloud computing, the in-vehicle bill-of-materials is significantly reduced, and the shared network resources can reduce costs even further. This scalable approach also enables regular updates and improvements to the latest software technologies that can increase the solution’s effectiveness and enhance safety.

By operating close to the vehicles, this low latency environment can deliver the required real-time alerts and avoids loading the backhaul network.


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