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Arbe’s 4D imaging radar solution is now available on NVIDIA DRIVE platform

Arbe, a global leader in next-generation 4D Imaging Radar Solutions, announced its leading 4D Imaging Radar Solution with 2K resolution is now available on the open NVIDIA DRIVE platform.

Arbe’s imaging radar availability aims to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles. By allowing leading OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to access the 4D imaging radar data on NVIDIA’s AV platform, Arbe’s solution can serve as the basis for advanced safety applications, sensor fusion, and perception algorithm development.

NVIDIA DRIVE is a scalable, software-defined, end-to-end AI platform for the transportation industry, delivering the computing horsepower and software necessary for highly automated and autonomous driving. Hundreds of companies around the world are developing on NVIDIA DRIVE, including auto- and truck makers, Tier 1 suppliers, robotaxis, sensor and mapping companies and AV startups.

Arbe has developed the world’s first radar to separate, track, and identify objects in 2K ultra-high resolution in both azimuth and elevation via a proprietary chipset with the highest channel count in the industry and a dedicated radar processor. Arbe’s solution provides detection of stationary and moving objects in any weather or lighting condition, providing safety to pedestrians, cyclists, and others, while also eliminating false alarms. The 4D Imaging Radar Solution also provides advanced long-range perception capabilities with a wide field of view.

“We are excited to be part of NVIDIA’s ecosystem of partners — providing access to our 4D Imaging Radar to the world’s most forward-thinking automakers developing on NVIDIA DRIVE,” says Ram Machness, Chief Business Officer of Arbe. “The availability of Arbe on NVIDIA’s platform will expedite the development of safety features for ADAS applications and autonomous vehicles, and provide a platform for sensor fusion development.”

“OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers will now benefit from Arbe’s 4D Imaging Radar solution as part of the NVIDIA DRIVE ecosystem,” says Rammy Bahalul, director of autonomous machines and vehicles at NVIDIA. “With Arbe’s advanced sensing, our customers have access to enhanced levels of safety and paradigm-changing perception algorithms for their vehicles.”

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