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Our objective is to be one of the top global companies: Vadiraj Katti, MD, iTriangle Infotech

Telematics Wire recently had an opportunity to interact with Mr. Vadiraj Katti, MD, iTriangle Infotech. He shared his views on different issues concerning the Telematics Industry in India and his vision for iTriangle Infotech. The excerpts of the interview are presented below:

Q. How has been the decade long iTriangle journey?

A: It has been an amazing, challenging and an exciting journey for us at iTriangle. From a phase of skepticism to a phase of acceptance and expectations, we have come a long way.

Q .Where do you see iTriangle positioned in next decade?

A: With over 350000 installations, we are currently the largest Indian manufacturers of Vehicle Telematics Devices. With a robust and a proven end to end Telematics platform our objective is to be one of the top global companies in this domain serving different market segments. One more key objective is to offer complete Automotive Telematics Solutions to Automobile Manufacturing Companies in the world.

Q. What was the vision with which you started iTriangle? Do you think entrepreneurs should revisit their vision & objective at times?

A: The Macro vision for iTriangle Infotech right from inception was to focus in the domain of IoT/Telematics, which has not changed even today. But along the way, we have tweaked our objectives and strategies to adapt to the changing dynamics of the industry. It was also our stated vision to be a trusted and preferred IoT Hardware company.

I feel, while we should define our objectives and vision for the Company with a proper understanding of our skill sets, expertise, capabilities and market understanding. Having done that we should pursue our vision with a single minded devotion but should be willing to make micro level changes to adapt to the changing dynamics of the industry without being rigid.

Q. What is the support structure you have for the devices sold?

A: We have a dedicated workforce in the service and support department and also a service network in 35 cities of India through our partners. Service and Customisation is the key to success in our industry.

Q. How do you see iTriangle providing value proposition to its business partner(Reseller/Distributor)?

A: It is extremely important to have a competent and a happy partner network for Companies like us to succeed and effectively provide value proposition to our customers and partners. The key to success in developing markets across the world is to provide quality, stable products and services at a competitive and an affordable cost. We strive towards achieving this balance in all our market offerings, which makes it extremely attractive for our partners to do business with us in a profitable manner. Added to this is our focus on service support and also building interpersonal associations with our partners, beyond the realm of business.

Q. What is it that differentiates iTriangle from other vehicle telematics device manufacturers?

A: We are one of the very few Companies in India today who are completely and singly focused on Vehicle Telematics. All our products and services are indigenously developed and manufactured. We have an extremely agile and flexible platform which allows us to customise different client requirements easily and seamlessly. With innovation as one of our cornerstones of our philosophy, we constantly strive to improvise, evolve and adopt latest technologies in our devices and services thereby offering a reliable and stable telematics ecosystem to our clients. We focus on being quick in our response and our go to market strategies are extremely aggressive.

Q. How do you see the ecosystem for vehicle telematics device in India over the next 3-5 years?

A: While the industry will witness exponential and lateral growth, it will be critical to develop a robust and an efficient ecosystem for effective delivery and maintenance of the solutions deployed for the benefit of the customers. As is the trend of any fast growing industry, we currently have quite a few Companies who are here with short term goals and take advantage of the Government mandates. As data becomes more and more important and starts being mined for different purposes, only Companies who have seriously invested in innovative and sustainable technology, developed and built a nation wide network for service, support and maintenance will survive and prosper. We will also see consolidation and inorganic growth in the industry.

Q. Is the slowdown in automotive industry affecting vehicle telematics industry?

A: Yes, the impact of slow down or the growth of the automotive industry will be there and clearly visible, especially for Telematics Companies who have focussed on Auto OEM sector. But since the after market sector has a large chunk of vehicles in the market and as more and more customers in this domain have started implementing Telematics solutions, the Companies who have invested in building solutions holistically and have also built a base in the after market will continue to grow.

Q.What would you say/guide to entrepreneurs venturing into the vehicle telematics Industry?

A: It is important to have a long term vision and a roadmap in this, what appears to be a cluttered industry. While any aspiring entrepreneur will get encouraged by the prospects of growth and potential, it would be extremely important to invest in technology, robust ecosystem for installation, maintenance, service support if one has to survive and grow. The entrepreneurs need to have the patience and conviction to build and offer sustainable products and services and not take shortcuts.

Q. Where according to you, lies the “million dollar” in vehicle telematics industry- device, solution or data analytics?

A: According to me, it is a combination and a good mix of stable and reliable hardware, feature packed solutions and the ability to mine the data and offer relevant and targeted analytical reports based on the Customer’s requirements. All of them have to co exist and deliver effectively to put that million dollars in one’s purse!!!


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