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ERM Advanced Telematics expanding business foot print

Published: May 26, 2016

Eitan Kirshenboim
Chief Marketing Officer
ERM Advanced Telematics


What are the key products/offerings from ERM?

Our device solutions are based on a modular design. We o?er tracking device on top of which additional features can be added, even after the device has been deployed. Add-on features relating to vehicle information and diagnostic, driver behavior and other features based on third party solutions can be added at any time.

We recently introduced an anti-theft vehicle tracking device to counter recent tactics used by car thieves. This device includes jamming mitigation and location networking features.

This anti-theft device can identify when its location and cellular signals are being interfered with by a jamming device. When this happens, the device transmits alerts along with location and time stamp. These alerts are
then retransmitted to other anti-theft devices installed on other vehicles in the area. These alerts are trackable
in real-time and provide our Stolen Vehicle Recovery service provider partners an improved indication of the location of a stolen vehicle.

Your business model is to work through partners. Can you share more about this?

We partner with providers of fleet management, stolen vehicle recovery and other telematics services around the world. On a business level, we sell our device based solutions to our service provider partners and they install it on business fleets or individual vehicle.

The information relating to location tracking, driver behavior, vehicle diagnostics and other telematics details generated by our devices serves as the base for the telematics services that our partners provide.

Could you tell us about your presence in various geographies across the world? What is the common thread in terms of hardware need or customer requirement across the world?

ERM is a global company and we have partners across Americas, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia Pacific. In South America and other markets with high vehicle theft rates, there is a strong demand for our anti-theft solutions.

In India, there is a huge demand for inexpensive, entry level tracking only solutions. We assist our partners with high quality, competitively priced solutions to help them compete with low end and entry level devices that are manufactured locally or in China.

There is a general global demand for solutions to improve the e?ciency of fleet management and lower operational costs. We get a lot of requests for special features relating to driver behavior and vehicle diagnostics, such as tire pressure monitoring and fuel monitoring.

Trailer and asset tracking are always in high demand. We o?er a unique plug- and-play, stand alone asset tracking device that can be charged by solar energy or, just like a mobile phone, can be recharged at home or through the cigarette lighter.

Recently you started your operations in India, what are your business plans and expectation? Can you share ERM or its partner experience related to services in India?

India is a unique market that is highly competitive and very price sensitive. We are working with our local partners in India to bring a high quality, yet competitively priced solution to the market.

Today, we can solve and handle many of the common problems that are unique to India, including dealing with unexpected power surges in vehicles, extreme weather conditions or deliberate attempts to tamper with
telematics hardware. We have partners that use our technology in difficult conditions, such as mining, heavy machinery, commercial fleets, trucks motor bikes and personal vehicles. At the same time, we see a strong demand for very intelligent and advanced telematics solutions that we have not experienced elsewhere.

We are looking to become a major player in India in the next two to three years. We intend to o?er competitively priced products for close to entry level throughout mid-range and up to premium solutions. We want to deliver more value and o?er higher quality for the short and long run than the existing devices currently in the market as well as recently introduced devices from external vendors.

What are your plans for cost sensitive country like India?

We have actually started to form our own assembly line in India. Soon, we will begin moving some of the manufacturing processes also into India. These will allow us to cut many operational expenses and o?er better competitiveness to our local partners.

How do you see the vehicle safety and security need evolving over the coming 5-7 years?

I believe we will see many vehicle safety features such as our Blackbox and driving behavior monitoring combined with Mobileye type of solutions o?ering better protection and safety over the vehicle and the driver in the context of its surrounding environment.


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