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I Firmly Believe that eMobility is the Next Sunrise Industry: Nishchal Chaudhary, Founder, BattRE

Telematics Wire recently had an opportunity to interact with Nishchal Chaudhary, Founder at BattRE Electric Mobility. In a short conversation Mr. Chaudhary shared his views about the evolving emobility sector in India. The excerpts are as follows:

Q. Can you tell us something about BattRE?

A. BattRE Electric Mobility is a Jaipur based electric mobility start up. The company has launched it’s Electric Scooter in the month of June 2019. Currently the product are being sold through a distribution network in the Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil nadu.

The total dealer count is 20 as on 30 Sept 2019, company plans to ramp it up to 50 by the end of the year. BattRE is also launching it’s Internet Connected scooter on Diwali this year.

Q. What motivated you to move into the space of e-mobility, after working 10 years in Telecom Sector?

A. I joined the telecom sector when it was a sunrise sector. I have been part of the journey from its nascent stage till it reached an almost saturation level with more than 100% growth in the subscriber base

I now firmly believe that emobility is the next sunrise industry. It’s a question of customer education, awareness and superior offerings and we will witness a similar boom in this sector. The consumer is environment conscious and emobility will help society at large to step in this right direction

Q. How do you see the growing competition in electric vehicle(EV) amongst startups?

A. Any competition is always healthy as it gives consumers a variety of choice in terms if features and pricing and for the manufacturers a chance to showcase their innovative offerings and keep them motivated to increase the overall market size

Q. How important are the connectivity features for the customers?

A. The IOT (internet of things) will empower the customers to know what mileage , battery usage and preempt any service issues. The GPS will guide the customer to the nearest authorized service provider. This builds the customer confidence in the product and creates a bridge between the manufacturer and the customer. Additional features can be provided as and when they are available

Q. What is your view about charging infrastructure in India?

A. A lot of action is happening in the space of charging I infrastructure especially with the government incentivizing the same . It is a necessity to witness the growth which is required . Even though our batteries are detachable and can be charged easily , a charging system will simply provide more ease and confidence with the customers especially if their travel time is long like on a highway.A number of options are there even with the charging infrastructure – like simple charging stations or stops for battery swapping . We will see a number of players proving this .

Q. Is the current downturn in sales in automotive a threat for startups or do you an opportunity in this crisis?

A. The vehicle ownership models are going through an evolution phase right now. The new models like ride sharing, ride hailing, co-ownership etc will emerge stronger with time. It is an opportunity to for a new players like BattRE to identify these trends and leverage it and create products that fit the bill. Our internet connected scooters are one step in that direction. With features like handle unlock, seat unlock through the app, navigation assist etc will make the product perfect fit for these kind of applications


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