Automotive Cybersecurity

Argus Connectivity Protection detects and prevents exploits of BlueBorne and other vulnerabilities

Argus has designed and developed Argus Connectivity Protection to protect vehicles from cyber-attacks no matter how they penetrate the vehicle. Recently vulnerabilities, collectively named BlueBorne was discovered that can potentially be used to perform ransomware attacks on vehicles and even take complete control over them. But Argus Connectivity Protection is effective including against vulnerabilities like the BlueBorne buffer overflow.


“The BlueBorne discovery is just one more example of the vulnerability of connected cars to cyber threats. By integrating multiple layers of security, the automotive industry can protect vehicles and drivers from exploits and attack vectors like BlueBorne and others.”

“While operating system (OS) hardening is critical, it is only one part of the Argus Connectivity Protection solution suite. To secure vehicles from cyber-attacks for the duration of their lifespan, our connectivity protection security modules build on advanced detection, prevention and mitigation techniques to work stand-alone and with Argus in-vehicle and cloud solutions to provide seamless, end-to-end protection,” said Oron Lavi, Argus Co-Founder and VP of R&D.


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