Automotive Cybersecurity

Argus, Elektrobit, and NXP collaborate to bring cybersecurity solution

Elektrobit, Argus and NXP are collaborating to bring to market what they claim industry’s first complete software-hardware solution that delivers “comprehensive” protection against even the “most sophisticated” cyberattacks.

Some of the features of the solution are:

• NXP’s Secure CAN Transceiver for a vehicle’s controller area network (CAN) bus, which detects and prevents malicious activity at the CAN bus level;
• Argus’ Intrusion Detection and Prevention Software (IDPS), which detects potentially malicious activity through data and timing heuristics, and then reports this activity to a security backend to enable an appropriate response;
• EB cadian Sync software, which enables continuous over-the-air (OTA) updates in the vehicle, including critical updates to ECUs as necessitated by the NXP Secure CAN Transceiver and Argus IDPS findings.

Source: Press Release


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