Automotive Cybersecurity

Argus to demonstrate its cyber security solution on NVIDIA DRIVE Autonomous Vehicle Platform

Argus Cyber Security is demonstrating its cyber security solution on the NVIDIA DRIVE computing platform for autonomous vehicles at CES.

The company is working closely with NVIDIA to add layers of cyber security defense to NVIDIA DRIVE, an AI computing platform

Argus Connectivity Protection claims to prevent malware installation, detect operating system anomalies, isolates suspicious activity and stop attacks from spreading to the in-vehicle network. Argus Lifespan Protection enables automakers and fleet managers to continuously monitor the cyber health of their vehicles in the cloud, provides big data analytics to identify patterns and emerging attacks, and future-proofs vehicles through over-the-air security updates.

The integrated solution makes it possible for automakers to seamlessly embed crucial cyber security measures without affecting production cycles or increasing project risk.

Source: Press Release


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