Automotive Cybersecurity

c2a makes available its patented Stamper technology to auto manufacturers and suppliers worldwide

Cyber 2 Automotive Security, (c2a) has made available its patented Stamper technology to auto manufacturers and suppliers worldwide on a royalty free license basis.

c2a has developed a safety and security layer for the next generation of connected vehicles to protect all of the hundreds of semiconductor chips and processors in the car.

This solution includes bringing its Stamper firewall type functionality into the car network, as well as multi-network anomaly detection, microprocessor protection and diagnostics over IP infrastructure.

The news comes in response to a recently issued warning from The U.S. Homeland Security Cybersecurity response team, cautioning automobile makers to review new research highlighting significant flaws in vehicle control modules affecting the security of chips in cars, and to review their current systems to prevent possible denial-of-service attacks and other mischief.


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