Automotive Cybersecurity

Irdeto working with IBM Security to combat automotive cyberattacks

Irdeto has announced they are working with IBM Security to combat automotive cyberattacks. Irdeto is a among the leading companies in digital platform security. This collaboration aims to provide OEMs and tier-one suppliers with advanced, real-time security analytics and ECU protection.


Powered by Irdeto’s ECU protection solution, Cloakware Secure Environment, and IBM QRadar, the joint solution aims to detect and prevent attempts to tamper with or reverse engineer vehicle software. Attempts to modify software on the ECU will be sent via telemetry to IBM QRadar to provide automakers with real-time analytics. IBM QRadar will then process the security data from Cloakware Secure Environment to provide a comprehensive overview in dashboard format outlining the security status of their vehicle and ECU. OEMs use this information on their fleet of vehicles to either have an automated response triggered or a manual intervention to address the attack.

Cloakware Secure Environment safeguards critical files, protects application data, and prevents hackers from adding malicious code, modifying executables and scripts, and reverse engineering. Cloakware Secure Environment is a component of the innovative Cloakware for Automotive by Irdeto solution, which enables OEMs and tier-one suppliers to protect their brand and save costs in the battle against cybercriminals by creating a secure, tamper-proof environment for vehicle software that protects against reverse engineering.


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