Automotive Cybersecurity

Karamba Security collaborates with Micron for enhanced Automotive Cybersecurity

Automotive cybersecurity company Karamba Security has announced that it is working with semiconductor vendor Micron Technology to leverage the Micron® Authenta™ security architecture in Karamba’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) hardening and CAN Bus encryption software.

Micron’s Authenta™ Technology provides a unique level of protection for the lowest layers of IoT device software, starting with the boot process.

It utilizes existing standard flash memory sockets to enable system developers to harden system level security without adding additional hardware components, leading to a more affordable and robust IoT solution.

A wide range of IoT end-points and edge devices that use standard flash memory chips can be enhanced for improved system level cyber security, more pervasive zero touch onboarding deployments, and future device management capabilities using this combined approach.

This collboreation results in higher level of security and resiliency while maintaining 100 percent of Karamba’s software real-time prevention capabilities against zero-day exploits  It also ensures Zero false positives i.e. no lengthy process of detect-investigate-respond for critical attacks


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