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Telekom partners with Argus to enhance in car cyber security

German global IT services and consulting company, T-Systems is planning a Security Operations Center specializing in vehicles (Automotive SOC). The company announced this in mid-March.

The company now bringing an important partner on board and has announced that it has got into an agreement with Argus Cyber Security, an independent subsidiary of the technology company Continental. Together both the companies will work together on cyber defense for cars.

The Israeli automotive cyber security company is known for its Information and Event Management System (SIEM) for cars as well as in-vehicle solutions. Car manufacturers (OEMs) and fleet operators use it to identify anomalies for connected vehicles

The companies will work together to develop a comprehensive and robust solution for cyber security in the automotive sector – from the vehicle to the cloud and beyond. Together will they will offer customers an advanced and robust Automotive Security Operation Center. To do this Argus will link, fuse and analyze multiple data sources enabling automakers to respond immediately to threats. In addition, the Automotive SOC helps the industry to act with foresight – even in ever-changing threat situations

The companies believe their joint solution will strengthen cyber security in cars, helping OEMs and fleet operators to realize their vision of safe and secure mobility.

Source: Press Release


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