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Avanci Launches Aftermarket Licensing Program

Avanci has launched Avanci Aftermarket, a dedicated patent licensing program for the vehicle aftermarket.

Avanci Aftermarket builds on the success of the Avanci Vehicle marketplace for connected vehicles, offering licenses for connected products installed in vehicles after their original sale. These include devices installed in the vehicle, or used in a container, trailer or other equipment designed to be hauled by a vehicle.

Avanci has transformed the way companies share technology by licensing intellectual property from many different patent holders in a single transaction, at fixed rates, paid once for the lifetime of the device. By streamlining the technology sharing process, Avanci provides an efficient and transparent way for manufacturers to access the patented wireless technology needed for their aftermarket solutions.

Avanci Aftermarket launches with more than 40 patent owners licensing their cellular essential patents through the program, including many licensors from the Avanci Vehicle 4G program. Among the initial licensees are a company collecting road tolls and a leading provider of intelligent transport systems for the public transport sector.

“We are pleased to launch Avanci Aftermarket with the support of a significant group of licensors, and we welcome our first licensees,” said Marianne Frydenlund, Vice President at Avanci. “With our experience in creating the one-stop licensing marketplace for connected vehicles, the addition of vehicle aftermarket devices is a natural extension that builds on that success. We are committed to providing efficient licensing solutions for new categories of connected products as the Internet of Things expands.”

Analysts Berg Insight estimate aftermarket telematics as an annual market of over 45 million units today, with growth forecast to more than 70 million units in 2026.

Avanci Aftermarket licenses three product categories: monitoring only, infotainment, and other multi-function products. Royalty rates range from $3 per device for 3G/2G monitoring products to $15 per device for 4G/3G/2G infotainment products.

Visit to learn more about the Avanci Aftermarket program.

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