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Berylls Strategy Advisors highlights critical areas for successful EV launches

More than 160 electric vehicle launches are predicted to take place in 2022. Berylls Strategy Advisors, a global management consulting firm fully focused on the automobility industry, issued a thought leadership paper, “Ramp Up Excellence: How Can OEMs and Suppliers Master E-Mobility Launches?” The paper highlights four major challenges and proposed solutions as to how OEMs and suppliers should work to mitigate risks that could negatively impact these critical EV programs.

The typical launch challenges include:

  • Complex project management and leadership
  • Lacking collaboration culture under pressure
  • Handling of supplier capability gaps
  • Risk of sticking with old development and launch methodologies

“To meet the projections they’ve committed to, OEMs must execute flawless launches. Therefore, industry players must combine the two worlds of hardware and software to efficiently develop and produce key components for these new vehicles,” said Martin French, Berylls U.S. managing director.

To master production ramp-ups in the future, OEMs and suppliers must:

  • Ensure product maturity in an environment of dynamic change, leveraging virtualization to increase efficiency.
  • Establish preventive supplier management systems for suppliers of complex e-mobility components at risk.
  • Increase control over critical elements of the supply chain to mitigate risks of supply limitations

Simultaneously, it is imperative to prepare for efficient and robust E/E and software development by securing software and system integration following appropriate standards (ASPICE) and development approaches (V-model); building up E/E and software competencies in global teams in the right locations to ensure effective project management, and developing the right structures to boost E/E maturity supported by central organizations for launch excellence.

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