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Bespoke Durite solution resolves insurance and fuel theft challenges for fleet operator

A leading haulier says it is benefitting from a bespoke vehicle camera system developed by Durite.

Joda Freight provides logistics and haulage services throughout the UK and into Europe. Founded more than 26 years ago, it has grown into a specialist in commercial fridge deliveries, abnormal loads, and groupage-based haulage, as well as expanding its storage capacity with two further warehousing sites.

The company was looking for a vehicle camera solution that could help it address specific challenges. Neil Tullett, Technical Director of Joda Freight, said:

“We were looking for a vehicle safety solution that could tackle several problems we were facing, including false insurance and scammer claims. It also had to be a security system that protects against fuel theft and vandalism as it was costing us hundreds of pounds in damage each month. It needed the ability to provide photo and video evidence in the event of an accident, attempted fuel theft or vandalism and of course had to be compliant with Transport for London’s Direct Vision Standard.

“The research and buying journey took quite some time as we needed a solution that could tackle all these things, and not just one. It took us more than a year and we have spoken to multiple companies and numerous people but none of them could offer a solution for us, until we met Durite.”

Durite provided Joda Freight with a 4G-enabled 4CH digital video recorder (DVR) monitoring system, integrated with a side scan detection system with left turn alarm, which is a requirement for the Direct Vision Standard.  The bespoke system also includes a customised external alarm that activates the DVR and starts recording automatically, while at the same time the alarm goes off to deter would-be thieves.

“Since the safety systems have been installed, there have been a few attempts at fuel theft but, the alarm systems were able to scare the thieves away as well as capture them on camera – which was used as evidence for police reporting and insurance claims,” added Neil. “Also, we have seen a reduction in road related accidents, saving the company time and money.”

According to Neil, feedback from Joda Freight’s drivers is extremely positive as their vision has improved immensely. The live-streaming feature ‘works wonders’ and helps their fleet manager to identify the exact location of each vehicle, while giving clear guidance to the drivers and updating customers if any problems arise.

“We are extremely happy with the outcomes, solution and service,” said Neil. “Durite went the extra mile to develop a bespoke solution with and for us. This was one of the best investments we have made, and I think the solution should definitely be fitted to all trucks operating within our industry – making everyone safer.”

Based in Keighley, West Yorkshire, Joda Freight operates a comprehensive fleet of more than 65 vehicles, ranging from 44t artics, 18t and 26t rigids to panel vans, 20 truck mounted fork trucks and 120 trailers including Euroliner, double deck, forklift/tail lift equipped, flat and step frames trailers. The company is a shareholder member of Pallet Track and accredited with Silver FORS.

Durite is an established provider of quality camera systems for commercial vehicles. To date, during its 20-year history, the company has supplied more than 50,000 systems to a wide spectrum of commercial fleets.

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