Beyond Security and Cybellum partners for automotive cybersecurity

Beyond Security has partnered with Cybellum to provide automated security scanning and a full vulnerability management analysis across the connected car lifecycle to ensure automotive software security and compliance with road vehicle standards and regulations.

“Combining Beyond Security’s and Cybellum’s solutions provides automotive makers a complete testing package for known and unknown vulnerabilities and is the key for a secure automotive future, ” said Aviram Jenik, Beyond Security co-founder and CEO.

Modern vehicles contain many interconnected components with hundreds of ECUs (electronic control units) developed by multiple suppliers making them a hotbed for cyber attacks. New stringent standards — designed to drive cyber responsibility throughout the automotive supply chain — are being introduced to address this problem.  

The strategic partnership between Cybellum and Beyond Security will empower automotive manufacturers to test any component or embedded software at any stage of development — with or without access to source code. Users can scan binary code to retrieve an exact blueprint of automotive software components. They will also be able to use dynamic analysis to detect known and unknown vulnerabilities as well as runtime issues, misconfiguration and gaps in compliance with security regulations and industry standards. This allows automotive manufacturers to ‘look under the hood’ of any embedded component regardless of open-source, commercial, or proprietary code. Vulnerabilities can be pinpointed and addressed in time for production and even after the vehicle’s deployment.

“We are honored to be partnering with a strong cyber player like Beyond Security,” said Slava Bronfman, Co-founder and CEO of Cybellum. “Looking for the source of a cybersecurity risk often feels like searching for a needle in a haystack. This strategic partnership will help automotive manufacturers to gain control over their risk assessment and mitigation, from design to production and beyond.” 

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