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BMW helps EV drivers plug into EVgo charging network for fast, reliable and 100% renewable charging

The BMW Charging Powered by EVgo app streamlines driver experience for public fast charging

EVgo, the nation’s largest fast-charging network for electric vehicles (EVs), announced the launch of BMW Charging Powered by EVgo, a program to bring current and future BMW drivers onto the EVgo network. BMW EV drivers will be able to access public charging through one simple interface, and BMW will provide a $100 EVgo charging credit for new owners/lessees of their all-electric/battery electric vehicle (BEV) models. Together, this program will enable BMW EV drivers to access all the benefits of EVgo’s industry-leading network, with its proven reliability, wide geographic reach and 24/7 customer service.

Powered by 100% renewable energy, BMW BEV drivers will enjoy a high performance and zero emission driving experience, as well as the convenience of charging at more than 800 fast charging sites at retail and grocery stores, shopping malls, entertainment centers and other sites ideal for quick, 20-30 minute errands. Plus, for plug-in-hybrid vehicle (PHEV) and BEV drivers who will be parked for a few hours, EVgo and expanded partner networks will provide access to more than 35,000 L2 chargers, expanding the variety of charging options.

BMW Charging Powered by EVgo will utilize the EVgo platform to provide BMW BEV and PHEV drivers with a streamlined charging experience at EVgo and partner charging network stations via an easy-to-use mobile app, which will enable BMW drivers to locate chargers, see the real-time status of chargers, initiate charging sessions, and contact the EVgo customer service team.

“EVgo and BMW share a commitment to a first-class customer experience, and that’s why we are thrilled to be working together again,” said EVgo Chief Commercial Officer Jonathan Levy. “As BMW brings even more new EV models to the market, EVgo is making it even easier for those drivers to experience the reliable and convenient—and ever-expanding—network of EVgo chargers.”

With more than 38,000 EVgo and partner chargers across all 50 states accessible through the EVgo platform, BMW drivers transitioning from gas to electric vehicles will rest assured knowing there’s a network available to meet their charging needs away from home. To get them started, a $100 EVgo charging credit will be offered with the purchase or lease of a qualifying, new, fully electric BMW model, including the i3, the 2022 iX and the 2022 i4.

“As an increasing number of BMW drivers switch to EVs, we’re excited to offer an easy-to-use, all-in-one tool to find charging stations along their driving routes and manage the charging experience from start to finish,” said BMW EV Services Manager Reem Eloubaidy. “BMW has longed valued EVgo’s exceptional reliability and quality customer service, and we’re confident our customers will be in good hands as they charge on-the-go.”

This new partnership with BMW builds on years of previous collaboration with EVgo in the ChargeNow DC Fast program as well as EVgo’s long history of working with other leaders in transportation electrification to accelerate EV adoption and enhance the EV driver experience.

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