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BMW introduces new maps and infotainment system

The BMW 5 Series a new infotainment concept and BMW Maps, a cloud-based navigation solution. The infotainment technology found in the new 5 Series is based on the BMW Operating System 7.0.

Besides other things it has voice recognition, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant and the optional BMW Gesture Control. It has BMW Maps- the cloud-based navigation system, which has an intuitive address input and precise real-time traffic information (RTTI). BMW Maps also works in conjunction with Connected Parking, which helps find potential available parking spaces at the destination. BMW On-Street Parking Information and ParkNow services have also incorporated.

Infotainment eco-system, the BMW Live Cockpit Plus, includes iDrive Touch Controller, the navigation system, the multimedia system, Bluetooth/WiFi interfaces, 2 USB ports, over-the-air updates for maps a built-in SIM card ensuring 4G LTE connectivity and the Intelligent Emergency Call. The BMW Live Cockpit Professional also enables the 3D visualization of the surrounding area when driving in autonomous mode.

In addition to Apple CarPlay smartphone vehicle interface, the new 5 Series generation will also host the Android Auto solution starting with July 2020. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant in the new 5 Series is further enhanced with a natural voice recognition function.

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