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CalAmp launches LoJack España to provide connected intelligence and enhanced vehicle theft protection for local fleets

CalAmp, a connected intelligence company that helps people and businesses work smarter, announced the launch of LoJack® España, a wholly owned subsidiary in Spain. LoJack España brings to market CalAmp’s industry-leading cloud-based connected car services and LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) solutions to help automotive and motorbike dealers, insurers, rental companies, construction OEMs and enterprises proactively monitor and manage their fleets, and protect against losses due to theft.

Spain has historically ranked third—only behind Italy and the United Kingdom—among European countries with the highest vehicle theft rates. It is estimated that 100 vehicles a day are stolen in Spain according to the Ministry of the Interior. LoJack España aims to not only combat cases of theft but also improve recovery rates for stolen vehicles using its innovative MESH technology which combines VHF, GPS and GSM to provide fleet owners, managers and drivers with accurate, real-time location tracking. MESH technology also enables each equipped car to detect other stolen cars nearby to deliver best-in-class recovery rates and provide peace of mind for consumers and businesses.

In addition to SVR, LoJack España will offer car dealers SmartDealer™, a CRM application that helps drive after-sales revenue and build stronger customer relationships via the LoJack Connect™ Mobile App. Using the CalAmp Telematics Cloud and edge computing technology, the app provides visibility into vehicle location, battery status and other diagnostic data. Car rental companies can use the same connected intelligence to protect their fleet and proactively monitor vehicle health for preventative maintenance. Rental and insurance companies can leverage the app’s CrashBoxx™ automated crash reporting for collision reconstruction and investigation.

LoJack España aims to immediately gain a strong customer foothold in the Spanish market with several of the country’s largest insurance, car and motorcycle dealers, and rental companies, taking advantage of existing international partnerships. Direct relationships with local law enforcement agencies in Spain are being re-established under the leadership of José Ignacio Rubio, former commercial and marketing director for Detector. Rubio will assume the role of Country Director to lead LoJack España in Spain and future business expansion in Portugal to bring the full breadth of CalAmp‘s solutions portfolio to the region, including CalAmp iOn™ for fleet and asset intelligence.

“I am thrilled to lead the launch of LoJack España. We are excited to bring consumers, dealerships and insurers across Spain not only superior protection of vehicles with LoJack’s best-in-class SVR solutions but also cloud-based connected car services to improve safety and peace of mind.  Small fleet operators as well as large enterprises will be able to make more informed decisions that reduce costs and increase productivity with CalAmp’s innovative fleet and asset management solution. Our vision going into the market is to deliver connected intelligence that impacts the Spanish market in meaningful ways,” said José Ignacio Rubio, country director, LoJack España & Portugal.

“The launch of LoJack España marks a pivotal milestone in the growth of LoJack and CalAmp in Europe,” added Maurizio Iperti, senior vice president of LoJack EMEA. “From Tracker in the United Kingdom to LoJack Italia and now LoJack España, we’re continuing to expand our global reach, helping customers in these markets better track, monitor and recover their vital assets with levels of intelligence and visibility in ways they never thought possible that will allow them to expand their business and thrive.”

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