Autonomous Vehicle

California launches two new autonomous vehicle programs

Program allows participants to offer passenger service and charge fares for rides in autonomous vehicles

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) recently approved two new autonomous vehicle (AV) programs that allow companies to provide safe passenger transportation services, charge fares, and offer shared trips to the public.

This decision creates two new deployment programs: the Drivered Autonomous Vehicle Deployment Program and the Driverless Autonomous Vehicle Deployment Program, which allow participants to offer passenger service, shared rides, and accept monetary compensation for rides in autonomous vehicles. Companies must hold specific permits or certifications in the Drivered AV Passenger Service Pilot Program issued by the CPUC as well as a California DMV AV Deployment Permit to participate in both AV passenger service programs in the state.

Companies participating in the autonomous vehicle programs are required to submit data and quarterly reports to the CPUC with aggregated and anonymized information about the pick-up and drop-off locations for individual trips.

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