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Cambridge Mobile Telematics launches free app to help consumers save money on gas

Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) announced the official launch of FuelStar, a new app that helps consumers save up to 40% on gas by showing them how to drive more efficiently. FuelStar analyzes driving patterns that consume gas faster — such as rapid acceleration, speeding, and hard braking — and teaches people how to make small changes in their driving habits to help them save money at the gas pump.

With high gas prices around the country, Americans are hurting at the pump. Inflation has increased costs across the board. A potential recession has pushed many Americans to cut costs. Many have already made changes — recent studies have shown that Americans are driving less, carpooling more, and using alternative modes of transportation to combat rising gas prices.

“We saw that people across the country were struggling with high gas prices and wanted to create a solution to help ease the burden,” said Rafi Finegold, Senior Vice President of Product for CMT. “FuelStar was born out of the idea that by making small changes to driving behavior, people can dramatically reduce how often they need to buy gas – and those savings add up. The mom who spends $230 a month to fill up her Honda Accord once a week could save nearly $100** on her monthly gas bill with help from FuelStar.”

FuelStar introduces innovations to a market that has traditionally helped consumers save at the pump by telling them which gas stations have the cheapest prices. FuelStar uses physics-based smartphone sensor data to predict gas consumption by analyzing a person’s driving behaviors and matching it with their vehicle’s make, model, and year in real-time. FuelStar deploys on-phone data processing to provide optional real-time audio alerts for inefficient driving, helping drivers save even more. The app also delivers personalized, data-driven recommendations for how a driver should modify their driving behaviors to save. The result is a new app experience that provides insights into driving habits and gas savings that have never been available to the public before.

To date, over 20 million people have used CMT’s technology, which powers safe driving programs for 21 of the top 25 auto insurers in the US, and for major automakers, wireless providers, safety companies, and rideshare providers. In its pursuit to make the world’s roads and drivers safer, CMT offers a growing suite of free consumer apps like FuelStar and Openroad, a crash assistance app that detects car crashes and sends emergency help.

Consumers can use FuelStar with the peace of mind that their privacy is protected. In keeping with CMT’s privacy-first approach, FuelStar only uses the data collected to power the services provided. CMT does not and will not sell or share a user’s personal information — including location data — with third parties.

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