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CameraMatics launches MySafeDrive smartphone app

April 18, 2023, Dublin –(BUSINESS WIRE)–CameraMatics, a leading global driver safety provider, has today announced the launch of MySafeDrive – a first-of-its-kind app complete with a fleet management dashboard which enables companies to track and report their ESG transport emissions, monitor driver behaviour and improve safety through employees’ smartphones, with no need for additional hardware.

Based on eco-safe driving principles – a combination of safe, defensive and anticipatory driving – the ground-breaking app from CameraMatics combines advanced data science and AI with vehicle manufacturer standards to calculate corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and provide drivers with the most effective actions they can currently take to care for our planet and communities.

Organisations, as well as their supply chains, can use the app to track both direct and indirect emissions and implement carbon reduction policies. The app can be used as a tool to educate drivers to use their vehicles in the most environmentally efficient, safe, and economical way, and the data can also be used to consider alternative transport methods, supply chain providers, and to optimise routing.

This ties in perfectly with CamaraMatics’ desire to Innovate2Zero, revolutionising fleet management and using cutting-edge technologies to help companies to work towards net zero ambitions. MySafeDrive is another tool from CameraMatics that can help to support businesses in discovering inefficiencies, setting and monitoring targets, and using actionable data insights to pinpoint practical steps to proactively manage their carbon footprint.

There are huge benefits for organisations using MySafeDrive when it comes to emissions, with the ability to track grey fleet and scope 1 and 3 transport emissions. Scope 3 emissions from suppliers and other parts of the value chain have previously proved particularly difficult to measure accurately yet can account for up to 90% of a large corporation’s total transport emissions.

The new app uses AI technology to analyse the information and model a driver’s typical driving style. It can then demonstrate how small changes to specific driving habits can contribute to big reductions in emissions – both for drivers and businesses and their supply chains as a whole – with the app playing a significant role in CameraMatics’ goal to help businesses and industry move towards a more sustainable future of mobility.

Mervyn O’ Callaghan, CEO and Founder at CameraMatics, explains: “We’re very excited to introduce MySafeDrive – our new solution to easily help fleet managers improve efficiency and driver safety throughout their fleets. Poorly maintained and badly driven vehicles have a disproportionate carbon footprint and with MySafeDrive, fleet managers will be able to extend the life of a vehicle and lower insurance costs, all while increasing road safety.

“This new all-in-one sustainable driving app requires no hardware other than a mobile phone to gather comprehensive data about driving styles, habits and driving incidents, which in turn provides valuable data to fleet managers. Our ultimate aim with the app is to change poor driver habits and reduce carbon emissions through education.

Using AI, the app splits driving styles into five key classifications, from conservative to aggressive, awarding scores for journeys based on multiple categories. Additionally, summary scores out of 100 are used to indicate more granular information about driver performance that can be used for driver coaching.

MySafeDrive gathers data and calculates the energy and CO2 emissions for the driver’s journeys. This information is influenced by the driver’s performance and behaviour. Emissions are compared with vehicle manufacturer’s expected values, which can be used to set appropriate targets and check interventions to achieve net zero.

Companies can also expect to save on fuel or increase EV battery range, increase the life of the engine and reduce the need to change tyres and brake components as frequently.

This makes MySafeDrive a particularly useful tool when it comes to meeting and reporting ESG goal compliance, with the ability to calculate and compare average emissions and CO2 usage against targets, making it easier for companies to identify areas for improvement.

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