Press Release

CAN Bus connection for Sumac – ECU calibration with CAN interfaces from PEAK-System

The software Sumac from the Swedish company Udoka Electronics supports CAN interfaces from PEAK-System. The integration of the PCAN-Basic API enables the access to the CAN interface.

Sumac is a tool for calibration, measurement, and visualization of embedded control systems (ECUs) based on XCP – eXtended Calibration Protocol. Parameters, characteristic values, curves, and maps can be calibrated, monitored, and analyzed. Besides a real-time mode, Sumac can also be used in an offline mode with recordings. Parameter sets are loaded via A2L files and managed in the software.

Udoka Electronics is an independent software company from Gothenburg, specialized in development tools for the automotive sector.

PEAK-System from Darmstadt is a leading provider of hardware, software, and services for automotive and industrial communication. The focus is on the field buses CAN (FD) and LIN.

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