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Alibaba & SAIC to form a joint venture for connected cars

Published: June 2, 2016

SAIC Motors and Alibaba Group will jointly set up a 1-billion-yuan ($161.11 million) Internet car fund as they aspire to roll out China’s first car on the Internet in 2016. It marks a substantial step after the two companies signed a cooperation agreement on developing Internet cars last year. They depict a promising brand-new car lifestyle with the ability to be connected to the Internet. Therefore, this venture is going to shed some light on the upcoming technologies associated with the development of connected cars, especially in China.

Alibaba and SAIC

According to Jing Lei, chief engineer of SAIC:

The Internet will become a must-have feature of future cars and will help the user struggle through the “painful moments” of owning a car as well as create “sweet moments” in travel.

According to Wang Jian, Alibaba’s chief technology officer:

Internet cars will improve people-to-car communication and gradually expand their functions to the areas of car-to-car, car-to-road, and car-to-infrastructure communication. Four-dimensional interaction among people, cars, roads and infrastructure is a big trend which will lay a foundation for improving self-driving car technologies.

SAIC has China’s largest auto-user base and is powerful and innovative in the fields of car assembling, powertrain, new energy technology, automotive electronics and automotive architecture. The firm also has extensive experience in R&D and operation, telematics service and Internet of vehicles application, and owns a complete production chain for car sales, services, logistics and finance.

Source: SAIC Motors 


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