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ATA announces Noregon as featured product provider

American Trucking Associations has announced the connected vehicles solutions company Noregon as a Featured Product Provider.

Noregon is an Internet of Things (IoT) company that specializes in connected vehicle solutions. Through advanced commercial vehicle applications, including in-shop tools and remote vehicle solutions, the company helps businesses maximize vehicle uptime by making better decisions when it comes to the health, safety, and performance of their vehicles.

TripVision is Noregon’s real-time fleet asset management solution. It monitors the health, safety, and performance of the truck and is available across all makes and models, making it accessible to use industry-wide.

According to the company, TripVision can help to reduce repair costs, decrease breakdowns, and maximize vehicle uptime through analysis of hundreds of real-time data points. TripVision updates in 2019 will include a host of new impactful features and functionalities.

In conjunction with TripVision, Noregon has developed NextStep, which provides troubleshooting and repair information through live vehicle data. NextStep works to improve truck repair processes by providing features such as wiring diagrams and test procedures. Per Noregon, both products work to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of trucks and businesses.

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