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AT&T and Vodafone Business Collaborate in the Auto Industry

AT&T and Vodafone Business are working together to accelerate Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and innovation in the automotive industry. The companies will bring together their expertise to develop superior and consistent connected car solutions and experiences for customers across their combined footprints in North America, Europe and Africa.

The companies will prioritize projects to enhance safety, security and entertainment capabilities. Key areas of focus will be:
• 5G and autonomous vehicle technology
• V2X capabilities (vehicle-to-everything)
• In-vehicle entertainment
• Connected car applications and services
• Global service quality models
• Connected car/ smart cities intersection

AT&T and Vodafone also are pioneering the future of transportation and autonomous driving:

• Alliances: AT&T and Vodafone are board members of the 5GAA, a global, cross-industry organisation of companies from the automotive, technology and telecoms industries, working together to develop end-to-end solutions for future vehicular mobility and transportation services.

• V2X: Vodafone has been testing C-V2X (Cellular-vehicle-to-everything) in Germany for the past two years, integrating C-V2X with adaptive cruise control, a driver assistance system that warns the driver about something happening on the road, and also automatically accelerates or brakes in response. These trials pave the way for autonomous driving.

• Testing Facilities: In Germany, Vodafone has opened a 5G lab and test track to work with automotive companies to develop new transport innovations utilizing 5G. AT&T is a founding member and exclusive connectivity provider of the American Center for Mobility, an advanced automotive development proving ground near Detroit, Michigan.

• Safety: AT&T is a founding member of Together for Safer Roads – a coalition of global, private sector companies focused on improving road safety and reducing deaths and injuries from car accidents.

Source: Press Release


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