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‘Audi connect’ uses WirelessCar for its telematics services in China

China: WirelessCar, a connected services provider, supports Audi in China with call center solutions enabling location-based services, infotainment and information features. The high potential of China is accompanied by a complex market structure and a broad range of local regulations. This is the reason why WirelessCar has started early to build up specific know-how about this market, and has since been working with other key players in the industry as well as with the government to meet industry standards and regulations.

WirelessCar has been in the forefront in developing and exploiting the opportunities in the emerging telematics market in China. Strategically and innovatively, WirelessCar works with the entire telematics ecosystem through a wide partner network of wireless providers, call centers, content providers, dealers, government institutions, etc.

Aiming to contribute to the whole eco-system and achieve remarkable self-improving, WirelessCar teams-up with strategic partners to:
Explore leading industrial technology
Positively get involved in industrial regulation and policies standardization
Make continuous progress on business model development and innovation.

WirelessCar completes the Audi connect service by providing a call center client enabled by Next Generation Telematics Pattern (NGTP), the open framework, bringing more flexibility and sustainability to future development.
WirelessCar services, together with the German car manufacturer’s advanced technology, allow customers in China to access location-based services. Drivers can contact call centers and get their point of interest pushed to their navigation system in the car, like e.g. the address of a restaurant.

Martin Rosell, Managing Director of WirelessCar, said: “The Audi project is another success for the global strategy of WirelessCar, we have achieved remarkable results on the Chinese market, now we carry the responsibility as an industry leader to develop the telematics technology even further and move the whole market forward.”



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