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AutoNation launches connected-car program with Zubie’s in-vehicle platforms, analytics, and services

Published: March 29, 2015 | South Carolina, United States

Zubie has announced that AutoNation, America’s automotive retailer operating 282 new vehicle franchises from coast to coast, has launched a connected-car program with Zubie. Zubie’s Dealer Platform and vehicle analytics assist AutoNation’s customers and enable them to easily interact with the AutoNation Customer Care Centers. The Zubie solution notifies AutoNation’s customers with real-time vehicle alerts related to engine performance, battery issues, and other maintenance related items. The Zubie service is installed in new and used cars sold at AutoNation dealerships, as well as cars returning for service. As the industry leader in the automotive industry, AutoNation is testing ways to create a seamless customer experience.

With a Zubie enabled car, when an AutoNation customer’s ‘Check Engine Light’ comes on or is in need of scheduled maintenance, AutoNation can proactively and quickly communicate with the customer regarding the specific issue, and the customer can easily schedule an appointment, avoiding a car breakdown. Customers also receive valuable driving and vehicle health reports, helping to reduce the overall anxiety and costs of car ownership.

“AutoNation is continuing to innovate and learn from the use of solutions like Zubie’s, in order to strengthen its customer experience. Zubie’s solution will help improve relationships between AutoNation and our customers by giving them a source of information about the service needs of their vehicles. We expect that we will be able to improve customer satisfaction and customer retention as we drive a peerless customer experience.” – AutoNation’s CIO & SVP of IT, Allan Stejskal

Source: Market Watch


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