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Autonomous and connected car concept on display by Dassault and AKKA in China

Published: November 12, 2014 | China

Dassault Systèmes and AKKA Technologies present the Link&Go autonomous and connected concept car for the first time in China at Dassault Systèmes’ booth at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum Global Summit in Chengdu. AKKA Technologies will join Dassault Systèmes to demonstrate high-end engineering services and cloud-based solutions that can help stimulate and support the transportation industry in China and across the globe. 

Connected Car Concept

“The transportation and mobility industry is facing complex challenges brought about by urbanization, environmental impact, and changing consumer behaviors—and on a global scale.  By coming together to advance mobility through smart technologies, we have the potential to transform an industry, positively impact the planet and set a standard that other industries can follow.”Sylvain Laurent, Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific Market & Global Business Transformation, Dassault Systèmes

In October 2014, AKKA Technologies and Dassault Systèmes formed a strategic partnership to enhance innovation in the field of connected transportation and mobility through smart, driverless vehicles that reflect collaboration between the automotive sector and the digital economy. AKKA Technologies, through Link&Go, illustrates a unique capacity to merge aerospace, railway and automotive best-in-class technologies while Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers an innovative solution to address cloud-based collaborative business projects in transportation and mobility.

“Driverless and connected vehicles represent key solutions to future urban mobility challenges.  We are eager to show attendees at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum how Link&Go can inspire new connected services and positively impact such a high-potential market.”Philippe Obry, Chief Innovation Officer, AKKA Technologies

Source: Dassault Systèmes


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