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Baidu “The Chinese Google” and BMW to jointly work on driverless car projects

Published: September 18, 2014 | China

BMW has signed a 3-year contract with Baidu, the Chinese Internet giant, to collaborate on the self-driving car development.

According to the contract, after the 3-year term, BMW will build a highly-automated self-driving car, which can run on China’s public road. The reason why BMW selected Baidu as collaboration partner, is because Baidu has the map data and all related information service which BMW currently does not have.  The BMW-Baidu project involves topics such as vehicle usage, driving strategy algorithm and high resolution 3D map, legislation and industry standards. Below is the BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo self-driving prototype. 


The BMW-Baidu project mainly focus on self-driving mode automatic engagement, which means when the driver want to let the car computer take over the control, the self-driving computer can detect human’s intention and take over the driving of the vehicle, using the preset route setting to drive the car; and also, if there is any emergency/unexpected situation happened, the computer is also able to parked into a safe location and notify the emergency center for help.

Prior to signing its research pact with BMW, Baidu revealed earlier this year that it was working on its own driverless car. The company is best known as China’s largest search engine, but it has ambitions to use data analytics to create smarter hardware.

Source: BMW


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