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Banma partners with Nuance for its latest connected car platform

Banma has partnered with Nuance to bring the latters’s conversational AI-powered speech recognition to its latest connected car platform Banma MARS V3.0. Banma is an internet vehicle platform provider and is a joint venture between Chinese companies SAIC Motor and Alibaba Group.

According to the company, Banma MARS V3.0 leverages Nuance’s automotive platform to offer voice recognition capabilities that have emerged to have become key to the driver and passenger experience. It supports multiple, simultaneous requests voice-powered control of in-car functions like navigation, air conditioning, lighting and music; and embedded access to and arbitration between several ecosystem services.

With a hybrid approach, Nuance’s platform combines embedded and cloud-based content and services to provide Banma MARS V3.0 with fast, seamless performance, with key in-car functions still available in areas of low connectivity and over-the-air update available for ongoing improvement to the system.

Banma MARS V3.0 will first be pushed to SAIC’s Roewe Marvel RX5 and new Ford Kuga available now.

Source: Press Release


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