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Berlin connected car start-up High Mobility raises 7-digit seed fund from IBB

Published: March 21, 2016 | Berlin

High Mobility reportedly gets a 7-digit seed fund from an angel consortium  headed by Fabian von Kuenheim and the Berlin based venture capital firm IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft. The new funds will be used on development, sales and quality assurance along with an extension of electro-mobility products. 

High Mobility has developed a software platform which allows cars to connect with their surroundings in a simple, secure and direct way. This enables a multitude of application scenarios to be realized such as keyless access control, personalization settings and communicating with infrastructure, e.g. charging poles (electric cars) or car parks (payment machines).


The platform enables car makers as well as independent developers to quickly and flexibly launch new ideas and to provide them to customers as apps. For car makers, the platform serves as an interface for innovation, which accelerates the speed of new business models and services into connected cars. For developers, the platform serves as a direct and secure entry point to bring their applications and services into the market of connected cars.

The integration of smartphones or other mobile devices (such as wearables) is also simple and secure. High Mobility’s technology distinguishes itself from existing solutions by not requiring an internet connection. Services can therefore be offered where mobile networks are restricted such as in underground garages and car parks.

In addition to the funding, High Mobility has set up an advisory board to provide the founders with industry and business expertise. The board includes Fabian von Kuenheim as well as Holger G. Weiss, who will bring his experience from Gate5 and Aupeo, and Stephan Schulze, Investment Director at IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft.

High Mobility has been one of the top 10 hot connected mobility start-ups selected last year at the Connected Car Expo at LA. The company is led by former Volvo and JLR technology leaders.

Source: High Mobility


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