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BMW launches Pay-As-You-Go car-sharing scheme in London

Published: December 01, 2014 | London, UK

BMW will bring its pay-as-you-go car sharing scheme, known as DriveNow,to London this week, following launches in Berlin, Vienna and San Francisco. It’s a car sharing service that requires users to register online for a small fee, before they can pick up cars from anywhere across London.

BMW-Car-Sharing-London-DriveNowDriveNow, originally launched in 2011, is a joint venture with Sixt SE car rental company and has 360,000 customers in Germany, making it the country’s biggest car-sharing organisation. The company intends to launch in 15 European cities outside Germany and 10 in North America.

DriveNow runs on a one-way “disposable” basis, rather like the so-called Boris bike scheme in London, named after the city’s mayor, allowing the cars to be parked in any public space in the local area. It will also pose a challenge to another car sharing service Zipcar, which targets people living in the inner city who only need a car occasionally.

By coming to the UK with DriveNow, BMW is seeking to succeed where rival Daimler failed. The customers pay a registration fee and can then drive models such as the Mini and the electric i3 on a pay-per-minute basis. Access to the vehicles is via a smartphone app or bank card. Insurance, car tax, car parking tickets are all included.

Source: Financial Times


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