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CES 2015: Atmel unveils the Connected Car with next-gen AvantCar 2.0

Published: January 09, 2015 | International Consumer Electronics Show 2015

Atmel Corporation announced the company is showcasing its next generation automotive technology demonstrator, AvantCar™ 2.0, at International CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Using Atmel technologies demonstrating a connected car concept, AvantCar 2.0 includes a 2.5D model of a car connected to a fully functional center console showcasing car access, car networking, MCUs, audio streaming over-Ethernet-AVB and CryptoAuthentication™ products.

Atmel AvantCar

Focusing on user requirements for future generation automobiles, AvantCar 2.0 delivers an advanced human machine interface (HMI). The new concept includes curved touchscreens highlighting HMI in upcoming automobiles using Atmel technologies including XSense®, maXTouch®, AVR® MCUs and local interconnect network (LIN). The second generation demo is slimmer than its predecessor, offering a more appealing aesthetic with improved performance including Silicon Image’s MHL® (Mobile High-Definition Link) solution — a technology that allows users to easily transmit content from a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device to larger displays such as in-dash automotive displays, while charging the mobile device.

The Connected Car

With up to a hundred million lines of code, at least 30 MCU-controlled devices—and some with as many as 100—the vehicle is the ideal application to bring smart, connected devices in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT). Automotive technology is quickly becoming an integral part of the digital lifestyle as consumers want to bring their mobile devices seamlessly into their vehicles.

The next-generation AvantCar 2.0 showcases connectivity to the vehicle through an advanced HMI console connected to a concept car highlighting car access, car networking, MCUs, audio-over-Ethernet and security technologies. The 2.5D (two-and-a-half dimensional) car showcases several of Atmel’s automotive technologies in a car access simulation for the Passive EntryGo, LIN communication in a car network and Car Area Network (CAN) communications—all systems that use Atmel MCUs, LIN transceivers and SBCs. Additionally, AvantCar 2.0 demonstrates audio streaming over Ethernet-AVB, based on several Atmel products being announced at CES 2015.

AvantCar 2.0 Delivers Next-Generation HMI Experience

Tomorrow’s drivers are demanding a more modern HMI experience in the automobile, especially in the center console, with no mechanical buttons or clunky knobs. Atmel delivers these features with its modern and futuristic AvantCar 2.0 which includes active touchscreens, curved form factors, personalized color schemes and navigation menus via touch buttons and sliders in a cutting-edge sleek center console.

Atmel’s AvantCar 2.0 includes curved TFT displays to offer a slimmer form factor, along with improved touch performance powered by Atmel’s maXTouch touchscreen controllers and XSense flexible touch sensors. The curved touch sensor offers a radius of less than 1 meter which is realized with Atmel’s maXTouch and XSense touch technologies to provide the highest accuracy, linearity and glove touch support. Other technologies include Atmel’s QTouch™ with proximity sensing and capacitive touch buttons and sliders, along with LIN networking for ambient lighting controls. The LIN solutions feature the company’s RF and automotive-qualified AVR MCUs.

Source: Atmel


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