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CES 2015: Voxx Electronics unveil CarConnection 2.0 aftermarket telematics device

Published: January 06, 2015 | International Consumer Electronics Show 2015

Audiovox’s Car Connection 2.0 Brings OEM Style Telematics to the Aftermarket


VOXX Electronics announced the April 2015 launch of Car Connection 2.0, the next generation product that comes with new safety and money-saving subscription services that will work with all 3G Car Connection OBD II devices. The new device installs in minutes: simply plug it into the OBD port under the dashboard, activate your account on-line and you are ready to go. Car Connection requires a subscription service and the 2.0 version will launch in April starting at $9.99 per month with no contract or activation fee required.

One of the newest additions to the suite of Car Connection 2.0 services and also available through this Bluetooth device is the “Emergency” service, providing consumers the ability to call an emergency response call center and receive professionally trained support for the emergency at hand. Some of the other services are:- 

  • Road-Side Assistance service means you never have to worry about being on the open road alone. A dedicated Emergency Call Center running 24/7 will help you if you break-down, run out of gas, or get a flat tire…just about anything. 
  • Automatic Crash SOS will call our emergency response call center automatically when the vehicle detects that a severe crash has occurred.  Trained COPC professionals will contact all the necessary local emergency services. 
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery service can help locate your vehicle, share its location with the authorities and if needed, seek help from our emergency response teams.
“While safety is important, it is not the only benefit of Car Connection 2.0. Using this device can also reduce the cost of operating and owning a vehicle by providing access to the Car Connection Insurance Discount Program.  With this Program, you could potentially save more than 15% thanks to the growing list of insurance partners we have aligned with.”

Dan Murphy, VP-Telematics | Voxx Electronics

Car Connection is the first convenience and diagnostic tool that can help improve vehicle and driver performance and save money on insurance premiums.  Car Connection 2.0 provides a unique insurance discount program that allows participating insurance carriers the opportunity to review your driving habits over a two week period; the insurance carrier will then send you a quote for a new insurance policy.  Typically, an average consumer can save up to 15-20% on their annual policy, which could equate to hundreds of dollars of savings per year.  You can also save on vehicle repair costs by gaining access to the Vehicle Health service report that gives you a heads-up on the condition of your vehicle, so conversations with your service department are more meaningful.  There is no more guessing on what the check engine light means. 

Please watch the concept video for more information.

Source: Voxx


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