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Cesar Satellite to offer security services with ERA GLONASS unit

Published: December 08, 2015 | Moscow

Cesar Satellite is the first provider of telematics and security services in Russia to execute a cooperation agreement with ERA-GLONASS.

The agreement between Cesar Satellite, a leader of the Russian market of telematics and security services, and GLONASS, operator of “ERA-GLONASS,” a government-owned emergency response system, will make it possible to propel to the next level the quality of the services designed to protect motor vehicles from theft, as well as of real estate surveillance and security services. Furthermore, the move will also enhance safety and security in society at large.


Within the framework of the signed agreement, the parties outlined the core areas and the principles of cooperation to govern the use of individual elements of the “ERA-GLONASS,” a government-owned automated information system, in the provision of security, search and emergency response services by Cesar Satellite to its customers.

The objective of the cooperation is to facilitate, on a massive scale, access for private clients to socially important services that affect public safety, such as countermeasures against auto thefts, integrated relief in motor accidents and other traffic incidents, control and management of motor pools.

In the opinion of market experts, the cooperation of GLONASS and Cesar Satellite will not only provide wide access for the general public to monitoring and safety services in the automotive and real estate sectors, but will produce an altogether positive impact on the overall public safety.

Source: Cesar Satellite


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