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Chevrolet and Shell roll out embedded, in-dash fuel payment

Chevrolet and Shell are rolling out embedded, in-dash fuel payment and savings experience. This new feature will allow drivers of eligible Chevrolet vehicles to pay and save directly through the touchscreen in their vehicle when they fuel up at participating Shell-branded stations, without swiping a credit card or using a mobile device.

To use this feature, users will press the Shell icon within Marketplace and select their preferred station location. After a few taps on the in-vehicle touchscreen, a code will be generated that allows the user to activate a desired pump and start fueling. Payment is then automatically charged to the payment method on file, with Fuel Rewards® savings applied.

Embedded in-dash fueling at Shell is powered by Marketplace, commerce platform for on-demand reservations and purchases of goods and services. Marketplace allows users to order food, make dinner reservations, find parking or hotels and locate and pay for fuel at participating Shell-branded stations.


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