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Clutch announces subscription platform for Automotive Industry

Clutch Technologies has launched its Subscription Platform – a suite of products that claims to meet the needs of every driver. Clutch Technologies is one of the leaders in consumer subscription software for the automotive industry.

The Clutch Subscription Platform includes:

• Service Pickup and Delivery: Dispatches staff to pick up vehicles for service and deliver loaners and also leverages Clutch’s partnership with fleet management software provider TSD to create loaner agreements at the customer’s location.

• Extended Test Drive: Allows consumers to try one or more vehicles for an extended period of time, typically on a paid-for basis, which is effectively a mini-subscription. Consumers can select the vehicles they want to drive and receive suggestions based on feedback.

• On-demand Rental: Provides a dealership’s existing customers with the right to rent additional vehicles for purposes such as a trip, a project or a visit from family, or to accommodate a specific vehicle need. For added convenience, vehicles can be delivered, with the rental agreement being executed at the delivery location.

• Fractional Subscription: Provides consumers with the right to drive additional vehicles for a monthly fee (e.g., three days per month for a $100 monthly fee). This product can be sold in dealership F&I departments or subsequent to a purchase. It can be combined with other products, such as a service contract with pickup and delivery, to create an owner subscription.

• Single Vehicle Subscription: Provides an alternative to ownership on new or used vehicles. It can be used to solve problems such as filling gaps between leases or providing a vehicle for shorter-term residents. Those who simply prefer to subscribe can pay a premium to have their vehicle managed for them.

• Multi-vehicle Subscription: Provides the ultimate consumer driving experience. Consumers flip between vehicles as their needs change, while letting their subscription provider take care of all the hassles of ownership.

The full suite of new Clutch-powered products will roll-out in the first quarter of 2019.

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