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Collaboration between Cubic Telecom and Microsoft

Connectivity management software provider for the automotive and IoT industries, Cubic Telecom has announced that it is collaborating with Microsoft on its Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP).

MCVP is a set of services built on Microsoft Azure designed to empower the automotive industry to create customer connected driving experiences.

Cubic Telecom’s core network spans more than 180 countries and over 65 mobile operator partnerships, with over 2M drivers already using Cubic’s connected car solution. This gives MCVP the power to create and deliver global scalability with local connectivity to automotive manufacturers.

Through Cubic Telecom’s advanced eSIM technology, applications and technologies will be embedded into vehicles at the manufacturing stage, enabling simple logistics, Over-The-Air software updates, and giving automakers the power to collect data on cars’ performance.

With MCVP the automotive manufacturer will enjoy the freedom to choose the vendors they wish to work with through Cubic’s PACE Platform. Cubic will provide global connectivity, with potential to include value-added services in the future. MCVP will power next-generation, connected vehicles with advanced navigation, predictive maintenance, remote monitoring of car features and more.

Source: Press Release


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