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Connected Car data must be shared only in case of a breakdown: FIA

Published: December 10, 2015 | UK

Drivers believe data generated by cars should not be owned by vehicle manufacturers, according to a new survey. The development of connected cars is still in its infancy, but concerns have been raised that some auto makers will want to own the data and even sell it on.

A poll of 999 UK motorists found that 71% believe vehicle owners should be in charge of the data, with just 7% agreeing that the company which built the car should own the information.

The research was commissioned by the FIA, which represents motoring groups and drivers, as part of its campaign in support of drivers owning data.

It recently carried out an investigation which found that some of the latest cars can transmit information back to manufacturers such as driver profiles, vehicle location, trip length and even personal details synced from a mobile phone.

Some 88% of UK motorists polled by the FIA said they would be willing to share vehicle information in the event of a breakdown.

The survey was part of a wider poll across 12 European countries, which found that the most popular features motorists would buy a connected car for were to improve safety (56%), achieve better fuel economy (48%) and avoid congestion (39%).

But nine out of 10 (91%) think it should be possible to switch off all communication from a connected car.

Edmund King, president of the AA, which is a member of the FIA, told the Press Association: “Connected cars offer drivers a vast array of new and exciting services, plus they can help with breakdowns and crashes.

“It is clear drivers may be unaware of just what information is collected, how it is used, who owns it and how is it protected.

“We support the FIA’s campaign aimed at ensuring there is greater transparency with this rapidly developing motor technology.

“The key word in this brave new connected world is consent.”

Source: BT


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