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Nuance launches improvised embedded dictation technology for cars

Published: 5 October 2016

The Dragon Drive Connected car framework by Nuance Communications Inc. will now have an embedded dictation technology. This allows the reading of text messages, notes etc. in the car even without a data or cloud connection. This would ensure uninterrupted connectivity for the driver anytime, anywhere, even in the low or no connectivity areas.

Though, embedded dictation technology for cars is not a first by Nuance, but the added feature of complete connectivity with or without data and cloud connection, is certainly a breakthrough. The users of embedded dictation technology used to be pissed off by the loss of connectivity, due to which their tasks could not be finished in time. Nuance’s improvised technology will help them overcome this problem.


The improvised technology by Nuance grasps the spoken words or dictation in split seconds and converts it into codes without the help of cloud connection and send them even when the signal is weak or unavailable. This technology is designed to be adaptive to the noisy car environment too.

This Dragon Drive embedded dictation technology would be particularly beneficial for the drivers who have limited data access or whose data usage is tied to the in-car connectivity. It would allow better utilization of the data and smoother working for the drivers.

“Over the past five years, our research team has set a high standard in automotive speech recognition by applying deep neural networks to optimize accuracy within noisy automotive environments. These advancements, combined with signal enhancement and in-car microphone beamforming results in a simple, intuitive interface designed specifically for the car that continues to set the industry standard for automotive speech recognition,” said Vlad Sejnoha, Chief Technology Officer, Nuance.

This technology will initially support only English, German and Chinese languages and is available for automakers and suppliers to buy. This technology listens to, understands and responds to the driver’s needs.

Though cloud is a very important feature of connected cars, but the continuous signal dropping may become a cause of irritation for the users. this Dragon Drive Technology will allow the driver too have an experience of the cloud-based connectivity as well as have an uninterrupted work flow.


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