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Lytx launches Unisyn- a video based telematics model for trucking fleets

Published: 5 October 2016

Lytx has come up with a high quality video telematics model for trucking fleets called Unisyn. Lytx has been in the video telematics market for quite some time now and has launched Drive Cam- a sort of driver monitoring system, which helped many commercial fleet owners to keep a track of their driver’s activities on road.

This latest venture by Lytx, Unisyn, will help the fleet owners to keep an eye on their fleets and help them get the video telecast tailored to suit their needs. Unisyn will work in coordination with Drive Cam and the always-on video feature of Unisyn will allow the owners to keep track of their fleet and take actions accordingly.


The Unisyn feature will have atleast 7 days of cloud connected video access. This will help the organisations or fleet owners to keep a track of their fleet, analyse the actions, have a re-look at the events and take appropriate actions.

“For some fleets, safety may be balanced against operational efficiency and/or security priorities, which can be addressed through the ability to observe and track vehicles in all aspects of their day,” said Lytx Chairman and CEO Brandon Nixon. . “In DriveCam, we’re focusing on the driver, and with Unisyn our primary focus is the fleet operations.”

The Unisyn feature allows the owner or the orginastion to make use of multiple cameras for better analysis of the situation. The cameras from different sides of the truck will allow to have a better view of the situation and the owner will have an upper hand in making decisions regarding the fleet.

“There are dozens of dynamics at play when a video telematics solution is deployed that affect just how much risk a fleet manager can address, and needs can change over time,” said Nixon. “We are providing every option for Unisyn platform users, giving them the ability to extract more risk and add new features when they’re ready.”



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