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Connected service launched by DriveQuant to reduce distracted driving

Road accidents remain, with more than half of all deaths at work, the leading cause of death in the workplace. Among the reasons for this, the use of smartphones while driving is a major contributor.

A French company, DriveQuant wants to draw attention to the problem of distracted driving, responsible for one in ten physical accidents, and to provide a concrete solution for professionals to reduce this road risk. The company that develops driving data analysis services is launching a connected service to detect smartphone usage while driving.

The distracted driving indicator developed by DriveQuant is based on the detection of phone use by the driver of a moving vehicle. For example, a driver can manipulate his mobile phone to make or answer a call, read or answer a received message, open a navigation application, browse the web. These are all events that are automatically detected and a distracted driving score is returned to the driver after each trip. Between 1 and 10, it takes into account, in particular, the number of screens unlock, the time and distance achieved with the screen on for each of the detected motorized trips.

This innovation completes a range of connected services for professionals such as safety and eco-driving scores, fuel consumption and tire and brake wear estimation, drivers coaching and the creation of driving challenges.

DriveQuant services are available in three distinct forms: API (application programming interface), SDKs (set of tools to help develop mobile applications), or via turnkey white label smartphone applications.

Source: DriveQuant


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