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Connected Signals launches cloud-based V2I systems

Connected Signals recently announced its Signal Priority System (SPS) product suite. The company has developed a proprietary vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technology that is a cloud-based, centralized system connecting vehicles to traffic signals.

According to the company, SPS provides prioritization of buses, pedestrians, EMS vehicles, and others. This approach capitalizes on existing traffic management infrastructure and cellular data, rather than requiring dedicated roadside equipment. This makes deployment dramatically easier and more cost-efficient for cities, provides flexibility to the existing traffic network, and supports expansion to future applications such as HOV preference and autonomous vehicle programs.

SPS also claims to provide dramatic time savings for cities and can be deployed city-wide or fleet-wide in a matter of weeks, as opposed to years with traditional solutions. It is cloud-based which makes SPS future-proof: new features and improvements can be delivered by software update rather than through expensive hardware maintenance at each intersection. It can also work alongside existing or planned deployments to offer immediate service and coverage extensions as needed.

Per Connected Signals, SPS can also provide vehicle operators with speed recommendations and other information to directly manage traffic flow. Cities can use Connected Signals’ SPS technology for general traffic management applications or target specific objectives. These objectives include diminishing transit vehicle delays, optimizing traffic flow, and reducing carbon emissions. The technology can also be deployed to assist pedestrians and cyclists.

Source: Press Release


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