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ConnectedTravel collaborates with Honda to launch “Dream Drive”

ConnectedTravel is collaborating with Honda to develop Honda Dream Drive, an end-to-end solution with a broad range of services and engaging entertainment options, while minimizing the potential for driver distraction.

Honda Dream Drive experiences include a selection of mixed reality games that are integrated with vehicle telematics and interact with original comics, travel applications tuned to explore destinations along the route, all while engaging in the rewards experience directly from the passenger’s mobile device.

The driver experience offers a proprietary voice controlled user interface into a range of search, reservation, ordering and purchasing services integrated with Honda’s in-vehicle payment technology. Drivers are able to safely find and pay for goods and services such as fuel, food, coffee, movie tickets and parking.

For passengers, Honda Dream Drive offers an entertainment, education, information, and retail platform. Passengers can choose from a variety of experiences built for the vehicle and curated for their trip.

The system has also been developed to reward both drivers and passengers for using Honda Dream Drive with points and rewards earned by engaging in a variety of in-vehicle activities. These points can then be redeemed for goods and services at over 50 brick and mortar as well as online retailers.

The ConnectedTravel® platform and prototype Honda Dream Drive is also available for demonstrations at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Source: Press Release


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