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Continental develops Smart Voice Assistant

Technology company Continental has developed an adaptive voice-activated digital assistant for vehicles. With the digital assistant the company focuses on the most natural means of communication: the spoken word.

According to the company, the system is capable of communicating almost like a human. Natural dialog design, the capability to understand multiple questions in one sentence and, above all, its capacity to detect logical connections make this innovative solution from Continental a smart companion on the road.

Voice recognition is a complex yet crucial discipline for future generations of cars. With large touchscreens featuring intelligently displayed information increasingly replacing switches and buttons, the modern vehicle cockpit is a very different space to what it was even just a few years ago.

Thanks to smart algorithms and a system architecture precisely tailored to the vehicle, the assistant continues to learn with every conversation, really helping out on the road, claims the company. Frustrating answers like “I cannot understand you” or “That is beyond my capabilities” to legitimate questions are now a thing of the past.

The technology continuously ensures the security of the data, which is “owned” by the car manufacturer or Continental. The data is used only to optimize the driver’s personal profile and make communication seamless and intuitive, this differentiates the product from and other voice-activated digital assistants

The smart voice assistant from Continental is a hybrid solution comprising a cloud-based, voice-activated digital companion and natural voice recognition in the car. This means that important, safety-relevant drive functions can operate independently of any network connection.

Source: Continental


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