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Continental presents Vehicle-to-X (V2X) technology for smart and secure mobility

Published: September 21, 2015 | Frankfurt, Germany

Left-turn Driving Maneuver Based on Vehicle-to-X Communication (V2X).

Continental presented a Left-turn Assist based on Vehicle-to-X (V2X) technology in the outdoor area of the New Mobility World. This technology issues an audible and visual warning to alert the driver of an impending collision due to the presence of a hidden approaching vehicle during a left-turn maneuver. This is a well-known hazard that occurs most frequently during left-turn maneuvers at intersections. Automatic intervention is only triggered if the driver fails to observe the warning despite the increasing probability of an accident. Other functions that Continental offers with its V2X technology include the Electronic Brake Light and the Roadworks Assistant. The Electronic Brake Light contributes to forward-looking driving by informing the driver that a vehicle further ahead in traffic is braking, even if it cannot be seen yet. This information can be very valuable, in particular on winding country roads. If a vehicle is approaching roadworks, the Roadworks Assistant supplies information about their location, length and also recommends the lane the driver should choose to ensure optimum traffic flow.

Vehicle-to-X communication offers many advantages

At the technical level, with its so-called V2X OneBox, which contains all the components required for V2X communication, Continental provides a versatile, efficient product solution for this vehicle safety system, which implements ad-hoc communication, namely real-time direct communication between vehicles without a fixed network infrastructure. The OneBox can easily be integrated in the existing vehicle architecture and is based on a modular system, which is already compatible with next-generation applications, such as the initiation of emergency braking maneuvers instead of warnings. The direct communication between road users via an ad-hoc network makes V2X communication very different from interaction via a back-end.

Precise vehicle localization with M2XPro

One important prerequisite for V2X is the ability to determine the vehicle’s position as accurately as possible relative to a precise time base. Continental’s Motion Information to X Provider (M2XPro) is an intelligent localization sensor which merges GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) information with the driving dynamics sensors (steering angle, inertial and wheel speed sensors) present in the vehicle and delivers a robust, extremely precise calculation of the vehicle’s current position.

Source: Continental


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