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Dash and VINchain enter into partnership to use vehicle data

Dash and VINchain have entered into a partnership, to leverage their joint interest in using data to improve vehicle ownership and maintenance.

It is known that Dash Dash is a Vehicle Intelligence Platform which offers smart driving products for both consumer and business vehicles, helping make driving safer more affordable.

VINchain is a tamper-proof and decentralized vehicle data platform that offers a decentralized blockchain-based vehicle history report, to authenticate vehicle maintenance, repair and ownership.

The partnership aims to integrate VINchain’s technology into the core Dash products, thereby enabling users to add their real-time driving data into Vinchain’s infrastructure – this will create a ledger of how the car has performed and been maintained. Users will retain ownership and control of their data in accordance with Dash’s user terms (opt-in will be required) and users will receive Vinchain tokens when their individual data is used.

Source: Press Release



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