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Dell Technologies has joined the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium (AECC)

Dell Technologies has joined the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium (AECC) in support of its mission to evolve network architectures and computing infrastructures to make managing automotive big data smarter and more efficient.

AECC focuses on increasing network and computing capacity to accommodate automotive big data smartly between vehicles and the cloud using edge computing and more efficient system design.

By 2025, connected vehicles will grow to 100 million globally, and will transmit over 100 petabytes of data to the cloud per month for currently designed network capabilities and business models. By 2025, future automotive services will require 10 exabytes per month, approximately 10,000 times larger than the present volume. This staggering amount of data will require unprecedented storage capacity, compute power, next-gen mobile connectivity and intelligence.

Dell Technologies and the AECC will focus efforts on developing use cases and requirements for connected services for emerging devices, with a focus on automobiles, while also preparing architectures for next-gen mobile networks and cloud that are suitable for automotive-oriented use cases.

The companies like Denso, Intel, Toyota, NTT Docomo, Ericson are some of the other prominent members of the AECC.

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