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Desay SV Announces Internet of Vehicles Strategy at CES Asia

Desay SV, an automotive electronics provider, at CES Asia 2018 announced its new Internet of Vehicles (IOV) strategy.

The company announced its IOV strategy will focus on:

  • Creating a better driving experience and increasing traveling efficiency for users;
  • Bringing product innovation and added value to automotive companies through internet-based services;
  • Contributing solutions to the problem of traffic congestion brought on by the growth of the number of vehicles; and
  • Serving the information and database security needs of the nation.

At CES Asia, the Company exhibited its products, including its latest Intelligent Cabin and Intelligent Driving products and technologies, along with its IOV solutions, which enable vehicles to connect with service platform, OTA, cyber security, big data and mobility service.

Desay SV focuses on developing secure and user-friendly smart IOV products and services, covering hardware, network databases, software, and more. As part of its IOV strategy, the Company has invested in an Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Research Institute (“the Institute”) with other leading automotive companies. The Company has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to partner with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) to develop innovative solutions for mitigating cyber security threats faced by the automotive industry.


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